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Study English

Nearly 400 Mio. people speak English as their first language. Studying English in an English speaking country is the best way to improve the volcabulary, phrases, expressions and the understanding of this important language.

Learn English abroad


You want to learn English? A language stay in in England is perfect! British English is still considered the noblest form of the language. But this is not the only reason why a language course in England can be great! It also offers charming landscapes and vibrant cities. Our language schools in England have been chosen with care and offer not only good teaching but also a friendly atmosphere with al lot of activities.


In Scotland, most people think of Highlands, whiskey, castles, the Loch Ness monster and Braveheart. Scotland is a great place to learn English and combine language learning with extended explorations.


A highlight of a language trip to Ireland are mainly the residents: the Irish are known for their warmth and hospitality, they like to celebrate and revive their Celtic heritage with traditional music and ancient stories. Learning English in Ireland will be a fun experience!


The summits of the Rocky Mountains rise prominently in the west, the east impresses with its diverse and breathtaking coastal landscapes - Canada promises you a language course against a fantastic backdrop! As English or a French student you will be welcomed in Canada with great hospitality.


"Down Under" is for many the dream of freedom and adventure. It is a popular destination for an English language stay on the other side of the world. The view of the holy mountain of the Aboriginies, the Uluru (or also Ayers Rock), the vibrating cities and the beautyful beaches are very unique and keep you deaming for a long time!

New Zealand

New Zealand has a lot of unspoiled nature; similar in size to Japan or Great Britain it has only about 4 million habitants. If you are looking for adventure, New Zealand must be your destination! Try bungy jumping, rafting, surfing, sailing ir hiking in the most beautiful scenery!