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Language Programme in Bocas del Toro


Discover the Caribbean archipelago of Bocas del Toro and learn Spanish in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. A language course in Bocas del Toro means tropical vegetation, long sandy beaches, a turquoise blue ocean and many activities and water sports in addition to learning Spanish.

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About Bocas del Toro

Learn Spanish in the archipelago of Bocas del Toro and let yourself be enchanted by the Caribbean ambiance during your language holiday in Panama! The province of Bocas del Toro, with the capital in the North-East of Panama consists of 6 major and numerous small islands and is a unique place for a language course on the turquoise blue Caribbean ocean. Bocas del Toro has about 4000 inhabitants and is located on the Caribbean island of Colón.

Sandy beaches and crystal clear water
Long sandy beaches, crystal clear water and the tropical rainforest of Bocas del Toro create the beautiful setting for an excellent language holiday destination and an unforgettable Spanish language course in Panama. The town offers a cozy and quiet atmosphere in which to learn Spanish free of stress and to combine the language holiday with sports activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing or even hiking and mountain biking.

Original towns and an abundance of nature
Nature and culture lovers also get their money’s worth during a language holiday in Panama; on the surrounding islands, you can visit Indian villages and admire the diverse flora and fauna. Experience the Caribbean side of Panama, take a language course in Bocas del Toro!

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Our Language School in Bocas del Toro

The school is located in the centre of Bocas del Toro, close to the seaside. A nice beach is only 10 walking minutes away. The facilities of the Spanish language school include 12 classrooms, a garden, a communal kitchen and a balcony where students like to meet during the breaks. Free Wi-Fi is available.

Because of the Spanish lessons take place in small classes, you are able to take advantage of the best conditions for a successful language holiday and make excellent progress!


Leisure Activities Bocas del Toro

Our Spanish language school in Bocas del Toro offers a varied and exciting programme of leisure activities. During your language holiday you will be able to explore and discover the surroundings of Bocas. Activities organized by the language school include for example, half-day and multi-day excursions to various islands such as Isla Pájaros and snorkelling, sailing or hiking in the forest. In addition to the numerous water sports, you will be invited to explore the diverse flora and fauna.

If you prefer travelling on your own during your language holiday in Bocas del Toro, our language school will provide you with useful tips.

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Our Package Deals 2019
Package prices 2019 in USD
incl. in the price:
  • Accommodation: Homestay single room breakfast

  • Language Course and Materials

  • Application fee

  • Accommodation booking fee

  • Course Certificate

Standard Course 20 less/wk
week USD 600.00
weeks USD 1070.00
weeks USD 1550.00
weeks USD 2015.00
weeks USD 2500.00
weeks USD 2920.00
weeks USD 3315.00
weeks USD 3715.00
weeks USD 4070.00
10  weeks USD 4415.00
11  weeks USD 4835.00
12  weeks USD 5260.00
additional week USD 425.00

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Combined Course Standard 20 + 5 less/wk
week USD 700.00
weeks USD 1265.00
weeks USD 1845.00
weeks USD 2385.00
weeks USD 2920.00
weeks USD 3495.00
weeks USD 3990.00
weeks USD 4455.00
weeks USD 4905.00
10  weeks USD 5355.00
11  weeks USD 5875.00
12  weeks USD 6395.00
additional week USD 525.00

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Combined Course Intensive 20 + 10 less/wk
week USD 800.00
weeks USD 1465.00
weeks USD 2145.00
weeks USD 2760.00
weeks USD 3450.00
weeks USD 4025.00
weeks USD 4550.00
weeks USD 5145.00
weeks USD 5675.00
10  weeks USD 6165.00
11  weeks USD 6770.00
12  weeks USD 7370.00
additional week USD 605.00

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Private Tuition 20 less/wk
week USD 720.00
weeks USD 1325.00
weeks USD 1910.00
weeks USD 2500.00
weeks USD 3075.00
weeks USD 3635.00
weeks USD 4160.00
weeks USD 4650.00
weeks USD 5125.00
10  weeks USD 5640.00
11  weeks USD 6180.00
12  weeks USD 6720.00
additional week USD 545.00

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Supplements and reductions on all package offers
half board
  per week USD 25.00