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Language Programme in Puerto Escondido


Puerto Escondido is a mecca for surfers. The little village is known for !the ideal surfing conditions, great sandy beaches and a relaxed ambience. With nice beaches and a laid back atmosphere, Puerto Escondido is the perfect place for a relaxed language holiday.

About Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido - the hidden port - is an insider’s tip among surfers. The bay of Puerto Escondido on Zicatela Beach is one of the top ten best surfing destinations around the world. The waves of Zicatela Beach are among the highest in the world and offer perfect conditions for experienced surfers. Around Puerto Escondido, you will find many suitable spots for surfing beginners. If you would like to combine learning Spanish with surfing, Puerto Escondido is the right place. Active language holiday Puerto Escondido Puerto Escondido has much to offer for non-surfers as well; the golden sandy beaches and a diverse underwater world are particularly famous. In Puerto Escondido you have the opportunity to swim with sea turtles, or to go diving and observe the elegant stingray or the legendary giant clams.

Learn Spanish away from mass tourism
In Puerto Escondido you will meet independent travellers and backpackers from all over the world, as well as Mexican tourists. The small town directly on the Pacific Coast lies away from mass tourism - the atmosphere in Puerto Escondido is very relaxed. Puerto Escondido can be reached by domestic flight from Mexico City or by bus from Oaxaca (approx. 7 h).

Our Language School in Puerto Escondido

Our familial language school in Puerto Escondido is just one block from the beach in the district of La Punta. The beautiful school building is surrounded by a lush garden. After class, the students relax in the hammocks.

Learn Spanish in the open air

In Puerto Escondido, your Spanish course will mostly take place in the garden of the school under the open sky surrounded by palm trees. Te Spanish course is offered in small classes and headed by competent Spanish teachers.

Leisure Activities Puerto Escondido

Our language school in Puerto Escondido offers a varied and exciting programme of leisure activities. Weekend excursions during your language course in Puerto Escondido will take you to the lagoons of Chacahua, the mangrove swamps in La Ventanilla, to Huatulco, coffee plantations or indigenous villages.

Free activities
The Spanish courses include free cultural lessons, such as dance lessons, cooking classes, painting courses, Mexican music and film and literary evenings several times per week. This programme enables you to gain deep insight into Mexican culture and provides a way to learn Spanish in your free time and to use the language in a different context.

Spanish and surfing
If you would like to learn how to surf during your language holiday, we recommend the course "Spanish + surfing". If you already know how to surf, you can rent your equipment from the school-owned surf school.

If you prefer travelling on your own during your language holiday in Puerto Escondido, our language school will provide you with useful information.

Climate charts Puerto Escondido

Our Package Deals 2019
Package prices 2019 in USD
incl. in the price:
  • Transfer: Airport Puerto Escondido - Lodging

  • Accommodation: Homestay single room breakfast

  • Language Course

  • Course Certificate

  • Application fee

  • Accommodation booking fee

not included in the price:
  • Course materials

Holiday Course 15 less/wk
week USD 460.00
weeks USD 850.00
weeks USD 1240.00
weeks USD 1555.00
weeks USD 1915.00
weeks USD 2300.00
weeks USD 2665.00
weeks USD 2915.00
weeks USD 3255.00
10  weeks USD 3615.00
11  weeks USD 3975.00
12  weeks USD 4305.00
additional week USD 355.00

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Standard Course 20 less/wk
week USD 500.00
weeks USD 930.00
weeks USD 1355.00
weeks USD 1695.00
weeks USD 2100.00
weeks USD 2500.00
weeks USD 2920.00
weeks USD 3160.00
weeks USD 3550.00
10  weeks USD 3945.00
11  weeks USD 4340.00
12  weeks USD 4700.00
additional week USD 390.00

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Intensive Course 25 less/wk
week USD 530.00
weeks USD 990.00
weeks USD 1445.00
weeks USD 1805.00
weeks USD 2235.00
weeks USD 2685.00
weeks USD 3110.00
weeks USD 3375.00
weeks USD 3770.00
10  weeks USD 4190.00
11  weeks USD 4605.00
12  weeks USD 5025.00
additional week USD 415.00

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Combined Course 10 + 5 less/wk
week USD 520.00
weeks USD 970.00
weeks USD 1420.00
weeks USD 1705.00
weeks USD 2115.00
weeks USD 2515.00
weeks USD 2935.00
weeks USD 3200.00
weeks USD 3575.00
10  weeks USD 3970.00
11  weeks USD 4370.00
12  weeks USD 4765.00
additional week USD 390.00

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Spanish and Surfing 15 + 4 less/wk
week USD 545.00
weeks USD 1020.00
weeks USD 1485.00
weeks USD 1850.00
additional week USD 450.00

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seasonal supplement
01.01.2019 - 12.01.2019
  per week USD 25.00

seasonal supplement
13.04.2019 - 28.04.2019
  per week USD 25.00

Supplements and reductions on all package offers
Accommodation: Homestay single room half board (breakfast and lunch)
  per week USD 35.00

Course materials
per level USD 25 °
* = To be paid locally
° = To be billed in addition