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Language Programme in Quito


The capital of Ecuador is one of the most beautiful cities for a language course in South America. The climate of the city, which is situated 2850 m above sea level and only 22 kilometres from the equator, is characterized by springtime temperature throughout the year..

About Quito

The area of Quito is characterized by a fascinating mountain landscape with several snow capped volcanoes, such as Pichincha (4700 m) and Cotopaxi (5897 m). Do not miss a trip to these impressive places during your language course in Quito! 

Welcome to Quito - a UNESCO World Heritage site
Not only architecturally, the city has many interesting things to offer whilst on your language course in Quito. The old city with its white facades and churches dating from the colonial period was declared a World Heritage Site in 1978 by UNESCO.

Our Language School in Quito

Our popular language school in Quito is located in the North of the city in the popular and modern district of El Batán. The school is situated in the vicinity of La Carolina Park, where young and old people meet. Thanks to good bus connections, students can find themselves in the historic centre of Quito in a flash.

Learn and Live the Ecuadorian Way
The modern facilities of our Spanish language school in Quito include 12 classrooms, a cafeteria, a lounge with free wireless Internet and a terrace with ping pong table. In the school's cafeteria you are able to cater to your needs in the best possible way. The professional environment of the school and accommodation with a local family makes it easy for you to improve your Spanish language skills.

Leisure Activities Quito

Our Spanish language school in Quito offers many breathtaking and fantastic excursions and activities in addition to a first-class Spanish language course. Daytime and weekend excursions for example, lead participants into the Amazon, to Indian markets or to the Pacific coast. Every Wednesday and Thursday a cooking or Salsa course takes place free of charge. In addition, visits to museums, markets, and churches, are organised in and around Quito, as well as dance lessons are offered at the Spanish language school.

Climate charts Quito

Our Package Deals 2019
Package prices 2019 in USD
incl. in the price:
  • Accommodation: Homestay single room half board

  • Language Course and Materials

  • Application fee

  • Course Certificate

Standard Course 20 less/wk
week USD 365.00
weeks USD 710.00
weeks USD 1055.00
weeks USD 1395.00
weeks USD 1735.00
weeks USD 2080.00
weeks USD 2440.00
weeks USD 2780.00
weeks USD 3125.00
10  weeks USD 3470.00
11  weeks USD 3815.00
12  weeks USD 4160.00
additional week USD 345.00

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Combined Course 20 + 5 less/wk
week USD 420.00
weeks USD 820.00
weeks USD 1215.00
weeks USD 1615.00
weeks USD 2010.00
weeks USD 2425.00
weeks USD 2820.00
weeks USD 3220.00
weeks USD 3620.00
10  weeks USD 4020.00
11  weeks USD 4420.00
12  weeks USD 4815.00
additional week USD 400.00

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Private Tuition 20 less/wk
week USD 425.00
weeks USD 830.00
weeks USD 1230.00
weeks USD 1635.00
weeks USD 2035.00
weeks USD 2455.00
weeks USD 2855.00
weeks USD 3260.00
weeks USD 3665.00
10  weeks USD 4070.00
11  weeks USD 4475.00
12  weeks USD 4875.00
additional week USD 405.00

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