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Language Programme in Cuba


Nearly 300 beautiful sandy beaches, rugged mountains, lovely valleys, palm trees and subtropical plants provide the backdrop for your Spanish language course in Cuba. Despite difficult living conditions, the Cubans are ingenuous, confident and full of alegría. Make your language holiday a special experience!

Our Language Schools in Cuba


Learn Spanish in Havana and discover this fascinating city during your language course. Your Spanish course takes place in small groups, so you will quickly notice good progress in your language skills. The school offers exciting weekend excursions, which provide a deeper insight into everyday life and culture in Cuba. A language holiday in Havana is an unforgettable and very special experience!

Travelling Classroom

The Travelling Classroom is a great choice to see as much of the beauty of Cuba and study Spanish at the same time. You travel with a teacher from the school in a small group through the western part of the island. Within two weeks you get to know the charming capital Havana, the natural beauty of Piñar del Rio and the old town of Trinidad.

Learn Spanish in Cuba

The cultural heritage of Cuba is as colourful and diverse as its fascinating and turbulent past. In the cities of Cuba, salsa music, rumba, or the traditional Son belong to the elixir of life not only because of the "Buena Vista Social Club".
At our language school in Cuba you will learn Spanish from the fascinating metropolis of Havana across the music capital of Santiago to the colonial jewel of Trinidad from our competent teachers. Would you like to combine your language course with a salsa course? Our language schools organize private dance lessons. The numerous dance halls of Cuba will provide much opportunity to demonstrate your newly acquired skills.