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Language Programme in Playa Tamarindo


Combine your language course in Costa Rica with lounging on the beach or sports and adventure activities. Our Spanish language school in Playa Tamarindo is located on one of the most beautiful beaches of Costa Rica. Lessons are offered in small classes and by competent teachers.

About Playa Tamarindo

Playa Tamarindo is known for its beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. The little town of Tamarindo is located in the province of Guanacaste, about 150 km northwest of San José and offers a varied choice of watersport and outdoor activities. A unique little paradise for everyone who wants to learn Spanish and spend a relaxing holiday within a beautiful natural setting. 

Sun and Fun at the Beach
A Spanish language course in Tamarindo is very exciting and versatile and appeals to those, looking for outdoor adventure and sports activities, as well as those interested in local Caribbean culture and tradition. In Tamarindo you are able to combine learning Spanish with a variety of activities such as diving, horse riding, golf, snorkeling, surfing, walks in the nearby rainforest, kayaking or the Fiestas Patronales.

Discover the Nature of Costa Rica
The famous national parks of Costa Rica such as Arenal, Monteverde and Rincón de la Vieja are popular for weekend excursions. A language course in Tamarindo combines learning Spanish with a holiday in paradise.

Our Language School in Playa Tamarindo

Why not learn Spanish at our school garden in the shade of palm trees!
Our Spanish language school is located in Playa Tamarindo, within walking distance to the beach. The language school consists of ten spacious and bright classrooms and four “outdoor classrooms" with free Wi-Fi in the entire area. In the hammocks on the porch of the language school, the students can relax from the Spanish classes and observe the rich fauna and flora.

Learn Spanish with Locals

Spanish lessons take place in small classes, which eanbles you to take advantage of the best conditions for a successful language course and make excellent progress! The highly-motivated teachers organize cultural excursions with the class in addition to the Spanish classes in order to give an exclusive insight in daily life of the locals.

Leisure Activities Playa Tamarindo

Our Spanish language school in Tamarindo offers a varied and exciting programme of leisure activities. During your language course you are able to explore and discover the region of Tamarindo.

Free Activities Twice a Week
The language school organizes free afternoon activities twice a week. These include, for example, Latin dance classes, volleyball, soccer on the beach and barbeques. Sports and adventure activities such as horse riding, kayaking, canopy or surfing, are very popular in Tamarindo. The language school will provide useful tips for this.

Climate charts Playa Tamarindo

Package prices 2019 in USD
incl. in the price:
  • Accommodation: Homestay single room half board

  • Language Course and Materials

  • Course Certificate

  • Application fee

Standard Course 20 less/wk
week USD 510.00
weeks USD 990.00
weeks USD 1455.00
weeks USD 1915.00
weeks USD 2370.00
weeks USD 2825.00
weeks USD 3280.00
weeks USD 3735.00
weeks USD 4190.00
10  weeks USD 4645.00
11  weeks USD 5100.00
12  weeks USD 5555.00
additional week USD 455.00

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Intensive Course 30 less/wk
week USD 700.00
weeks USD 1380.00
weeks USD 2020.00
weeks USD 2650.00
weeks USD 3285.00
weeks USD 3925.00
weeks USD 4560.00
weeks USD 5195.00
weeks USD 5830.00
10  weeks USD 6465.00
11  weeks USD 7100.00
12  weeks USD 7735.00
additional week USD 640.00

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Private Tuition 20 less/wk
week USD 725.00
weeks USD 1430.00
weeks USD 2115.00
weeks USD 2780.00
weeks USD 3465.00
weeks USD 4150.00
additional week USD 685.00

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28.04.2019 - 08.06.2019
  per week USD -25.00

08.09.2019 - 12.10.2019
  per week USD -25.00

Supplements and reductions on all package offers
Accommodation: studenthouse Wayra dormitory no meals
  per week USD 95.00

Accommodation: studenthouse Wayra single room no meals
  per week USD 180.00

Option Surfing 2 less/wk
week USD 170.00
weeks USD 260.00
weeks USD 600.00
weeks USD 765.00

Transfer: Arrival Packag Single room
  per person USD 160.00

Accommodation: Student house Casa el Mar dormitory no meals
  per week USD 55.00

Accommodation: Student house Casa el Mar single room no meals
  per week USD 135.00

Accommodation: Student house Casa La carolina twin room with private bathroom no meals
  per week USD 125.00

Accommodation: Student house Casa La carolina single room no meals
  per week USD 215.00

Course materials
for exam preparation courses approx. USD 40 °
* = To be paid locally
° = To be billed in addition