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Language Programme in Viña del Mar


The combination of culture and entertainment makes a language course in Viña and Valparaíso extremely attractive. Although the two towns are located directly next to each other, they could not be more different. While Valparaiso exudes nostalgic charm and has a wide range of cultural offerings, Viña del Mar is known above all for plenty of entertainment, sports and of course the sandy beach.

About Viña del Mar

Viña del Mar and Valparaíso are situated on the Pacific Coast of Chile. Although the two towns are located directly next to each other, they could not be more different.

Culture and pubs in Valparaíso
Valparaiso is known for its picturesque areas, called the Cerros (hills). The old wooden houses are brightly painted and seem to be pasted on the slope. This district is accessible by means of long stairs or with one of the 15 Ascencores - rustic lifts and funicular railways. Many artists have worked in Valparaíso and have given the city its reputation as the cultural capital of Chile – even today the city has a high concentration of artists, studios, galleries and museums. The famous poet, Pablo Neruda lived in Valparaíso. His house is a smorgasbord of curiosities and is a popular tourist attraction. The open air gallery at the Cerro Bellavista, where artists have decorated the facades, is also definitely worth seeing. As a port city Valparaiso also has many pubs, of which the interiors range from traditional to ultra-hip.

Beach, sport and chilling out in Viña del Mar
A lively and festive atmosphere reigns in Viña del Mar, especially when holidays are announced in the capital, Santiago. The neighbouring village of Valparaiso is popular thanks to its long sandy beaches and nightlife. Wind- and kite-surfing are also actively practiced here. Thanks to the many green areas, Viña is also known as "Ciudad Jardín" (Garden City). The palm-lined beach promenade is a catwalk, market square and meeting place all at the same time. Fresh seafood is served in the restaurants in the evening and at night you will be drawn to the numerous clubs with Latin music or hard beats.

The combination of culture and entertainment makes a language course in Viña and Valparaíso extremely attractive. The journey from Santiago takes about 90 minutes by bus. A Metro and many bus lines run between Viña del Mar and Valparaíso, and the journey between the two cities takes just 10 minutes.

Our Language School in Viña del Mar

Our Spanish language school is located in the centre of Viña del Mar. The school building has stylishly furnished classrooms and a lounge. Wireless internet is available free of charge. Coffee, tea and snacks are available during the breaks. The Quinta Vergara Park is located just one block away from the language school, where the Festival Internacional de la Canción de Viña del Mar takes place each February with numerous national and international stars. Around the school you will find numerous restaurants, cafes and a wide range of entertainment. The main beach of Viña is about 5 minutes away, and you will be able to get to Valparaíso in a few minutes by bus or metro.

The language school in Viña del Mar is characterized by a personal atmosphere and friendly staff. The teachers deliver the material in a fun and varied way; and this guarantees a sustainable rate of learning success.

Leisure Activities Viña del Mar

Our language school in Viña del Mar offers a versatile and exciting leisure programme with 3-5 events per week. During your language holiday you will be able to explore and discover the surroundings of Viña del Mar and Valparaiso.

Broad programme of activities

Activities organised by the school include for example, visits to museums or festivals, dance lessons, guided tours, and various excursions on the weekends in the surrounding area. If you prefer traveling on your own during your language holiday in Viña del Mar, our language school will provide you with useful information.

Climate charts Viña del Mar

Package prices 2019 in USD
incl. in the price:
  • Accommodation: Homestay single room half board

  • Application fee

  • Language Course and Materials

  • Course Certificate

Standard Course 20 less/wk
week USD 495.00
weeks USD 990.00
weeks USD 1480.00
weeks USD 1975.00
weeks USD 2470.00
weeks USD 2960.00
weeks USD 3455.00
weeks USD 3945.00
weeks USD 4440.00
10  weeks USD 4935.00
11  weeks USD 5425.00
12  weeks USD 5920.00
additional week USD 495.00

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Combined Course 20 + 5 less/wk
week USD 645.00
weeks USD 1290.00
weeks USD 1930.00
weeks USD 2575.00
weeks USD 3220.00
weeks USD 3860.00
weeks USD 4505.00
weeks USD 5150.00
weeks USD 5790.00
10  weeks USD 6435.00
11  weeks USD 7080.00
12  weeks USD 7720.00
additional week USD 645.00

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Private Tuition 20 less/wk
week USD 895.00
weeks USD 1785.00
weeks USD 2680.00
weeks USD 3570.00
weeks USD 4460.00
weeks USD 5355.00
weeks USD 6245.00
weeks USD 7135.00
weeks USD 8030.00
10  weeks USD 8920.00
11  weeks USD 9810.00
12  weeks USD 10705.00
additional week USD 895.00

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Supplements and reductions on all package offers
Accommodation: Homestay single room no meals
  per week USD -40.00

Accommodation: Student flat single room no meals
  per week USD -40.00

Course materials
per week USD 10 °
* = To be paid locally
° = To be billed in addition