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Language Programme in Cochabamba


In addition to an educational Spanish language course, a language course in Cochabamba, Bolivia also enables deep insights into Bolivian life. A language course at the personally guided language school in Bolivia will not only bring you closer to the Spanish language but also to South America and its traditions.

About Cochabamba

A language course in the heart of South America: Cochabamba is located in the middle of Bolivia at 2570 m above sea level. The Cochabamba region is called the granary of Bolivia, as the fertility of the soil is excellent.

Authentic South America
During a language course in Cochabamba you will get to know the markets, which are particularly impressive. This will be an ideal opportunity for you to apply the knowledge acquired in the Spanish course. The most colourful and most important market is La Cancha, where everything can be found - from food, recycled tin products, to the victims of smoking and Lama foetuses, which today are still placed in the foundations of new houses to please the Pachamama - the mother earth, and the gods.

Our Language School in Cochabamba

Our familial language school in Cochabamba is located in the district of Villa San Juan XXIII, approximately 10 to 15 minutes from the city centre by bus. The school building of the language school has nine classrooms, two small courtyards that serve as a meeting place for students and teachers, and a lounge with a library, in which videos are shown and discussions take place for the Spanish course. In addition to the regular Spanish courses the language school in Chochabamba also offers Quechua courses.

Leisure Activities Cochabamba

The language school in Cochabamba offers trips to different areas of Bolivia. On a weekend trip to Chapare, you will discover the secrets of the rainforest. During the language course in Cochabamba there will not be a lack of entertainment such as live music, discos, theatres, restaurants and bars. If you prefer traveling on your own during your language holiday in Cochabamba, our language school will provide you with useful information.

Climate charts Cochabamba

Package prices 2019 in USD
incl. in the price:
  • Language Course and Materials

  • Accommodation: Homestay single room full board

  • Transfer: Airport Cochabamba - Lodging

  • Course Certificate

  • Application fee

Standard Course 20 less/wk
week USD 385.00
weeks USD 755.00
weeks USD 1130.00
weeks USD 1500.00
weeks USD 1875.00
weeks USD 2250.00
weeks USD 2625.00
weeks USD 2995.00
weeks USD 3375.00
10  weeks USD 3745.00
11  weeks USD 4120.00
12  weeks USD 4495.00
additional week USD 385.00

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Intensive Course 25 less/wk
week USD 435.00
weeks USD 870.00
weeks USD 1295.00
weeks USD 1730.00
weeks USD 2155.00
weeks USD 2590.00
weeks USD 3015.00
weeks USD 3450.00
weeks USD 3875.00
10  weeks USD 4310.00
11  weeks USD 4735.00
12  weeks USD 5170.00
additional week USD 435.00

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Super Intensive Course 30 less/wk
week USD 490.00
weeks USD 975.00
weeks USD 1465.00
weeks USD 1950.00
weeks USD 2440.00
weeks USD 2925.00
additional week USD 490.00

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