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Study Spanish

Spanish is spoken by 500 000 000 people worldwide. Whether traveling through Latin America or on a trip to Spain - Spanish is one of the most important foreign languages. A Spanish language course promises many unforgettable experiences, and brings you close to the joy of living and the temperament that are so typical of the Spanish language.

Learn Spanish abroad


A language course in Spain is by far not limited to beaches and sunshine. You will learn Spanish in the country of origin of the Castillian language and discover the multi-faceted richness of Spain. Bienvenido to an eventful language course in Spain!


Second to Brazil, Argentina is the second largest country in South America with an area of 2.8 million square kilometres. If you want to combine your language course with a journey through South America, a Spanish language course in Argentina is advisable as a first step.


The secluded and elevated Bolivia in the heart of South America is also called the Nepal of America because of its location. A Spanish language course in Bolivia offers you unforgettable insights into the culture of the indigenous population. You will encounter and get to know foreign cultures during our language holiday, to an extent that is probably not possible in any other country in South America.


Learn Spanish in the home country of amazing landscapes, that vary from the dry desserts in the North to the cold and impressive glaciers in the South. Chile meanders between the Andes and the Pacific on a length of around 4330 km and is approximately 180 km wide. A language course in Chile is also a perfect starting point for further  travelling within Chile or South America.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a very popular language holiday destination due to its diverse tropical landscapes. The Ticos, as Costa Ricans call themselves, will give you a warm welcome and make it easy for you to feel at "home" very quickly. The Spanish spoken, is a clear, easily-understood Spanish, which is a further advantage for your language course in Costa Rica.

Dominican Republic

Above all, the white sandy beaches and the turquoise sea have made the Dominican Republic the most popular holiday destination in the Caribbean. During your Spanish language course you will get to know the Dominican Republic properly. If you would like to combine your Spanish course with dance lessons, our language school in Santo Domingo offers a special program for your language holiday.


Ecuador is the smallest of the Andean countries and impresses with its natural beauty and the warmth of the people with their living culture. A Spanish language course in Ecuador brings you closer to this diverse country. It is especially exciting to combine the language course in Ecuador with a trip to the unique wildlife of the Galapagos Islands.


Colombia is incredibly diverse and ensures an unforgettable language travel experience with its fascinating nature. The Western half of Colombia is dominated by the Andes Mountains, where some active volcanoes protrude up to 5700 m above sea level. The eastern half is characterized by densely forested lowlands.


Turn your Spanish language holiday into a special cultural experience and learn Spanish in the probably most unique country in Central America!  The pretty colonial city of Antigua is an especially popular language travel destination. Many Spanish students and tourists meet here in the numerous restaurants and bars.


Nearly 300 beautiful sandy beaches, rugged mountains, lovely valleys, palm trees and subtropical plants provide the backdrop for your Spanish language course in Cuba. Despite difficult living conditions, the Cubans are ingenuous, confident and full of alegría. Make your language holiday a special experience!


A Spanish language course in Mexico is a pleasure for all senses: visit the relics of the pre-Hispanic civilizations during your language holiday, feel the warm, crystal clear sea water and experience the vibrant traditions of Mexico! Learning Spanish in Mexico is an unforgettable experience.


Are you looking for a unique travel destination for your Spanish language course? With plenty of nature and beautiful beaches Panama offers optimal conditions in which to learn Spanish. The central location and political stability of Panama make it a safe language holiday country in Central America.


Peru is considered the largest Andean country and has a varied and diverse cultural history. A Spanish language course in Peru is tantamount to a journey through the cultures of centuries. Our Tip: combine your language holiday with a multi-day hike on the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu.


Would you like to learn Spanish away from the tourist trails? A language course in Uruguay could be the right thing for you! Also called the "Switzerland of South America", Uruguay offers endless opportunities to enjoy nature, silence, clear air and wonderful beaches during a language holiday.

Study Spanish with globo-study

Particularly recommended destinations for a language course in Spain are Madrid or above all, Salamanca, because here, the classic Spanish (Castellano) is spoken. There are differences in grammar and vocabulary in Latin-American Spanish. In the Andean countries, as well as in Mexico and Central America, Spanish is spoken in the interior more slowly and clearly. The Spanish in the Caribbean and along the coasts is rather fast and partially unclear.
Whichever destination you ultimately choose for your Spanish language course, you will always encounter open and friendly people, who are sure to infect you with their joy of life and their temperament and thus ensure an unforgettable study abroad.