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Language Programme in Russia


The famous Russian soul remains hidden from most visitors. If you speak a few words of Russian, exciting discussions and wonderful friendships arise. A language holiday in Russia will introduce you to the culture and language of the country and make unforgettable encounters possible.

Our Language Schools in Russia


With 11 million inhabitants, Moscow is one of the largest and most exciting cities of the continent. A language course in Moscow is the best way to discover this vast metropolis. Of course a very lively nightlife and multi-faceted cultural activities also belong to a language course in Moscow.

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is the most popular language holiday destination in Russia. The city with historic palaces, channels and countless bridges has earned St. Petersburg the nickname "Venice of the North". The setting for your language course is particularly spectacular in June during the White Nights!

Learn Russian in Russia

Russia is a gigantic country, 500 times as large as Switzerland with 11 different time zones. In this expanse, the great climatic and geographic diversity of the country is hardly surprising. This still largely unknown country hides some secrets one can uncover by a longer stay. Moreover, a language holiday is also an ideal start to further travel hrough Russia. As you learn Russian, you will also learn much about the country and its people!