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Language Programme in Rome


During a language course in Rome, you have much time to get to know the Rome of the Romans - away from the tourists! We offer you a high quality Italian language course at our prestigious Italian language school in the heart of Rome.

About Rome

Are you interested in an Italian language holiday in the setting of a 3000-year-old culture? Since it was founded in 753 BC, Rome has left many historical testimonies which are best explored on foot.

Rome sweet Rome!
Explore the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, Trevi fountain and the Spanish Steps – it is not just from a historical perspective that Rome is simply unique. Between cars and Vespas, police try to guide the chaotic Roman traffic in lanes. During your language stay in Rome you should not miss to visit to the district of Trastevere with its peaceful and romantic atmosphere, or observe artists at Piazza Navona.

Relax on the Beaches of Ostia
On the weekend, a language course in Rome also offers you the possibility to escape the hustle and bustle. In about an hour you can reach the popular beaches at Ostia. Quiet and beautiful landscapes are to be found in the Sabatiner Mountains around Lake Bracciano. Rome awaits you for an unforgettable Italian language course in Italy!

Our Language School in Rome

Our renowned Italian language school in Rome is situated in the pedestrian area of the old town, just a few steps from Piazza Navona. The school is allocated in a typical patricians house. The school facilities include 12 spacious and bright classrooms, a lounge area with vending machines, as well as a computer room with free wireless internet.

Internationally Well-mixed Groups
Because the Italian language course is offered by competent and well-trained teachers and takes place in internationally very well mixed classes, you are able to take advantage of the best conditions for a successful language holiday in Rome and make excellent progress.

Leisure Activities Rome

Our language school in Rome offers a varied and exciting programme of leisure activities. There is however, always enough room and opportunity for you to explore the many attractions Rome and the surrounding areas have to offer on your own.

Explore Rome with the Language School
The language school in Rome organizes excursions in the surrounding area of Rome, like for example, trips to the sea, Tivoli or to the Castelli Romani, wine tastings and city tours. Should you require information regarding places or events during your language holiday in Rome, then our language school will provide you with useful tips.

Climate charts Rome

Our Package Deals 2018
Package prices 2018 in USD
incl. in the price:
  • Accommodation: Homestay single room breakfast

  • Language Course and Materials

  • Course Certificate

  • Application fee

Standard Course 20 less/wk
week USD 580.00
weeks USD 920.00
weeks USD 1330.00
weeks USD 1780.00
weeks USD 2125.00
weeks USD 2550.00
weeks USD 2980.00
weeks USD 3405.00
weeks USD 3830.00
10  weeks USD 4260.00
11  weeks USD 4625.00
12  weeks USD 4990.00
additional week USD 420.00

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Intensive Course 30 less/wk
week USD 730.00
weeks USD 1170.00
weeks USD 1690.00
weeks USD 2220.00
weeks USD 2745.00
weeks USD 3280.00
weeks USD 3820.00
weeks USD 4360.00
weeks USD 4895.00
10  weeks USD 5435.00
11  weeks USD 5975.00
12  weeks USD 6510.00
additional week USD 540.00

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Business Course 20 + 10 less/wk
weeks USD 2055.00
weeks USD 3065.00
weeks USD 4060.00
weeks USD 5075.00
weeks USD 6045.00
additional week USD 1005.00

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Combined Course Standard 20 + 5 less/wk
week USD 805.00
weeks USD 1370.00
weeks USD 2000.00
weeks USD 2630.00
weeks USD 3250.00
weeks USD 3890.00
additional week USD 630.00

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Combined Course Intensive 20 + 10 less/wk
week USD 1035.00
weeks USD 1825.00
weeks USD 2690.00
weeks USD 3540.00
weeks USD 4310.00
weeks USD 5245.00
additional week USD 855.00

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Mini Group Course 30 less/wk
weeks USD 1825.00
weeks USD 2690.00
weeks USD 3540.00
weeks USD 4410.00
weeks USD 5245.00
additional week USD 855.00

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Exam course AIL 30 less/wk
weeks USD 2490.00

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Supplements and reductions on all package offers
Accommodation: Homestay single room half board
  per week USD 135.00