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Language Travel Worldwide


Nearly 400 Mio. people speak English as their first language. Studying English in an English speaking country is the best way to improve the volcabulary, phrases, expressions and the understanding of this important language.


French is the language of love, gourmet cuisine and diplomacy. A world language, French is spoken on five continents and therefore broadens many horizons. If you learn French, you will also get to know and understand the francophone culture better.


For many, the world's most beautiful language is Italian. Pleasant holiday memories of Italy, including sweet gelato and even sweeter canzoni definitely play a role here. Learning Italian in Italy means diving into an exciting culture and encounters with friendly and communicative people. A language course in Italy is an unforgettable experience!


Spanish is spoken by 500 000 000 people worldwide. Whether traveling through Latin America or on a trip to Spain - Spanish is one of the most important foreign languages. A Spanish language course promises many unforgettable experiences, and brings you close to the joy of living and the temperament that are so typical of the Spanish language.


Portuguese is spoken by over 210 million people and is a world language. Portuguese courses are offered in Portugal, the mother country of the language, as well as in Brazil.


The German language is rich in expressions and phrases and German literature is similarly exciting. German is a very important language in business as well. In addition to progress, a language course in Germany brings you many ways to experience German culture and the beautiful scenery.


With over 160 million native speakers, Russian is a world language. If you want to learn Russian, we recommend you learn the Russian alphabet before the start of the course, because knowledge of the characters is required for the language courses in Russia.


Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world; over 1.2 billion people have Chinese as their mother tongue. Chinese is a collective term for the so-called Sinitic languages. The most widely spoken language in China is Mandarin (also called Putonghua). All our schools teach Mandarin.


About 125 million people speak Japanese (Nihongo) as their mother tongue. Speaking Japanese is the key to discover Japan and its diverse culture. The Japanese writing system uses the Chinese characters (Kanji) and two derived syllabaries (Kana), Hiragana (for indigenous vocabulary) and Katakana (for newer loanwords).


Nearly 80 Million people speak the Corean language. Get to learn this traditional language in South Corea!